Lagoon restaurant

This months special appetisers!

Insects to eat for the appetizer. Special summer aperitif! Discover our selection of insects that smell good sun, beach and barbecues with friends. Make your friends live an evening they will remember for a long time: offer them to eat edible insects as an aperitif. On the site, you are not abandoned, thanks to the different sections you can choose your insects by type of insect (worms, beetles, termites, butterflies, scorpions, ants ..), depending on your profile (beginner , adventurer ..), opportunity (rather for the aperitif or cooking) and finally product range (insect, insect meal and drink). The consumer can also learn about how to cook and taste his insects.

Edible insects are crunched as an aperitif

Unusual and fun, edible insects are crunchy as an aperitif or cook as you wish. Surprise your friends with all kinds of worms, crickets, beetles, ants, crickets, scorpions ... Consumed regularly by nearly 2 billion people in the world, insects are appreciated for their flavors and nutritional qualities. Rich in protein and low in fat, insects are considered a real food alternative by the UN. With edible insects, rethink the way you eat! The site offers a wide range of insects to satisfy all tastes. Its supply of insects is becoming more and more diversified from a few references to more different products and species.

Edible insects for aperitif

The meat is almost over ... So to prepare us smoothly for a radical change in diet, offers us to nibble edible insects as an aperitif ... and the most surprising is that it's good! It's crunchy, it's greedy! Who has never imagined eating insects? It is now possible thanks to the edible insects to be savored at the moment of the aperitif. Surprise is guaranteed with your guests and will discuss between the daring and those who dare only lip service. The insects are delicately toasted and spicy to give them taste. The edible insect just crispy to perfection can replace chips and biscuits appetizers.